DSRW-75A Oil Free Screw Air Compressor




Product desciption

*Provide “Class 0” Oil Free compressed air

*Avoid the bad influence from compressed air with oil

*Ensure the high quality oil free compressed air for food and pharmacy industries


Oil Content (mg/m


Designed by user or manufacturer (more strict than Class 1)


≤ 0.01


≤ 0.1


≤ 1


≤ 5


≥ 5

High Efficiency Oil Free Compression System---Energy Saving

* By adopting the German technology, our oil free airend is newly designed for large capacity and low energy consumption.

* Providing the truly Oil Free compressed air, Avoiding the safety issues related to unclean compressed air 

* With the new design, our oil free compressor system reduces the lubricating consumption to minimum and has less wearing parts and low running cost. It’s perfect for long time constant running.

* With the new casing design, the machine is more compact and runs more quietly.

* With the tight design, the machine is easy to install and saves you on setup cost

* With the labyrinth and centrifugal shaft seal design, our shaft sealing not only prevents lube oil and other impurities from entering the compression chamber, but also avoids air leakage, ensuring our machines to provide pure oil free compressed air.

Two Stage Compression Technology

Our machines adopt the two stage compression technology, which not only increases the efficiency of compression, but also avoids the negative influence from the high discharge air temperature and increases the reliability and running life of airend.